Friday, November 26, 2010

Austral House Cleaning Service

House Clean

House cleaning is more than likely everyones most boring of jobs to do. Let us at Austral Cleaning take that weight off your shoulders while you go shopping/to the cinema/enjoy with your family . our team will ensure you high quality results for an immaculate household.
We will use the correct products for the job, all our chemicals and equipment are environmentaly friendly so none of those nasty smells that linger around after the work is done. Every last corner will be spotless thanks to our professionally trained team.
All our prices include GST, labour charges, equipment & chemical costs. We are a fully licensed company and have public liability insurance – if there is anything you are unhappy with then we will send our team straight back out to you FREE of charge. However we have the confidence to guarantee that your property will be gleaming from top to bottom and you will be pleased with our service. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.
We offer one off cleans or on going on a Daily, weekly or monthly basis, whichever suits you best.
Our checklist below will give you an idea what we can do for you, which is pretty much anything and everything you want. Any additional items you would like cleaning or if you have any specific needs, do not hesitate to let us know and we can arrange this for you.

General House Clean – Check List

Walls & SkirtingsDust & Wipe  /  remove marks
Windows / ScreensVacuum & Wipe  
Blinds/CurtainsVacuum & wipe
FurnitureDust & Wipe  / Keep neat & tidy
Power/Light SwitchesDust & Wipe
FloorVacuum  & Mop   with  all edges & corners
Doors/Walls/Skirtings/ScreensDust  & Wipe / Remove oil & greases
Windows / ScreensVacuum & Wipe  
Blinds/CurtainsDust  & wipe
Cupboards/DrawersDust & wipe
Benches/Tilings/SplashbacksWipe down / Remove oil & greases
Sink/Disposal unit/TapsWipe down / Remove oil & greases
Stove top/GrillWipe down / Scrub / Remove oil & grease
OvenWipe down / Remove oil & greases
MicrowaveDust & wipe ( inside & Out )
RefrigeratorDust & wipe ( Out side & Edges )
DishwasherDust &Wipe in out side (Clean inside & filters with request)  
FloorVacuum  & Mop   with  all edges & corners
Doors/Walls/Skirtings/ScreensDust & Wipe  /  remove marks
Wardrobe/Drawers/ShelvesDust & Wipe  /  remove marks
FurnitureDust & Wipe  / Keep neat & tidy
Windows / ScreensDust & Wipe  /  remove marks
Blinds/CurtainsVacuum & wipe with clean cloths
FloorVacuum  & Mop   with  all edges & corners
Doors/Walls/Skirtings/TilingDust & Wipe  for remove marks
Windows / ScreensWipe  / Wash down for remove marks
BathWipe  / Wash down for remove marks
Shower/Shower ScreenWipe / Scrub / removing any build up
Basin/VanityWipe  / Wash down for remove marks
Mirrors/CabinetsClean mirrors
Towel railsDust & Wipe for remove marks
Toilet (doors/walls/floor)Dust & Wipe  /  Wash down for remove marks
FloorVacuum  & Mop   with  all edges & corners
Doors/Walls/SkirtingsDust & Wipe  for remove marks
Exhaust Fans/Light fittingsDust & Wipe  /  remove marks
Power/Light switchesDust & Wipe for remove marks
Wash tubs & cupboards underVacuum & Wash remove pieces of soap, scale & lint
Washing Machine/DryerDust  & Wipe in out side  (Clean inside  with request )  
Balcony/DeckSweep / Remove  cobwebs / mop / remove marks
Garage/StoreroomSweep out , Wash walls
Staircases/RailingsWipe &Vacuum / Remove  all cobwebs

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